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                                                     The Real Cost of Training

Before you arrange disability equality & awareness training for your staff please give consideration to the real cost to your business when obtaining a quote.

Typical disability equality & awareness training courses are usually run over a half or a full day.  These are often run by disability groups, charities or individuals  Whilst these services may appear to be an inexpensive solution they are often very costly in terms of lost working hours. The following details explains why Blue Badge is the best choice for your business disability training needs.


  • Our module trains groups of 20 people
  • Minimum of two Blue Badge trainers
  • Each module takes less than two hours
  • We train up to 400 delegates each week
Real Cost Comparison

 One Day Course

 Blue Badge Cost
Fee for 60 delegates £750* £1740
Lost working hours 420 120
Cost of lost hours @ £10.00 per hour £4200 £1200
Total real cost £4950 £2940
Cost per delegate £82.50 £29.00

 * Even if the 1 day course fee is nil,  the real cost is still more than £1200 dearer than Blue Badge Training.


The DRC/DDA definition of ‘disability’ is very broad indeed including many disabilities which are unseen. Achieving compliance to the DDA will require a fundamental change in perception and behaviour.    

The main issue is not awareness of disabilities.  The main issue is seeing ALL people equally.

Disability Equality & Awareness Training to meet your needs

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